Why Now?

The current administration has proposed legislation to not only increase federal tax rates but to also do away with or severely restrict Roth conversions. Now is the time to act!

Roth Right’s retirement tax professionals and valuation experts have developed comprehensive Roth IRA conversion options that will save potentially 30-45% in tax liability on a conversion and potentially millions long term.

By converting now and utilizing some of the tax strategies we are suggesting we are able to save you thousands, if not millions, in tax dollars over the next 20 years.

By converting now, you are locking in today’s tax rates, which are much lower than previous tax rates and will probably be lower than future rates

  • A conversion now will lock in a 0% tax rate on the funds in the account for the rest of your life and your spouse’s life, and for ten years for subsequent beneficiaries.
  • Roth owners do not have minimum distribution requirements, and your surviving spouse also will not have any minimum distribution requirements.
  • The accounts will continue to increase tax free.

Future taxes will be reduced because the funds converted will lower IRA balances subject to required minimum distributions, and accordingly will lower your taxes in the future.